Sofia Undisputed icon of Italian cinema, with her wonderful almond-shaped eyes and ample bosoms, Sofia Loren is the symbol of the beauty of the Italian woman in the whole world.

Pupella Named so because at the age of two she made her debut in the theater, in a box interpreting a rag doll, Pupella Maggio, daughter of art, was a myth of the Neapolitan theater. Student of Eduardo De Filippo, she interpreted the most beautiful Neapolitan comedies.

Titina The most famous actress of the Neapolitan theater, sister of the legendary Eduardo and Peppino de Filippo. Protagonist of masterpieces such as Napoli Milionaria, Questi Fantasmi and Filumena Martorano which was written for her.

Matilde An avant-garde writer, author of wonderful books such as Il ventre di Napoli, Matilde Serao was the first and perhaps the only woman to found and direct a newspaper, Il Mattino, which still remains ``THE`` newspaper of Naples.

Ria Rosa Perhaps the most acclaimed ``sciantosa``, the myth of the Caffé Chantant at the Sala Umberto in Naples, feminist, ironic and talented, she moved to New York and became the ``Singer of the emigrants``. Thanks to Ria Rosa, Neapolitan music today is famous all over the world.

Catarì She was the inspiration behind one of the most beautiful and romantic Neapolitan songs written by Salvatore Cardillo in 1911 and interpreted for the first time by Enrico Caruso, then by Tino Rossi in the film Naples au baiser du feu and dedicated in tribute to Greta Garbo in a beautiful interposition by the tenor Marino Van Wakeren.

Elenuccia They always told us that she was born in the 1800s and it seemed surreal to us. Just like everything about her, because Elenuccia could go up and down from the fourth floor a thousand times a day and sit to ``guardar isse che duorm`` when Luigino was taking a siesta. Grandma, this room is dedicated to you.

Fanny We could not miss a dance star, because dance is my great passion. Fanny was one of the greatest dancers of the romantic era. Her debut and success at the San Carlo in Naples allowed her to dance in the most important stages in Europe.

Vittoria The influencer of the '500 and also the poetess, Vittoria Colonna adored Ischia. Thanks to her friendship with figures such as Ariosto, Tasso, Michelangelo, Aretino, through the years her living room transformed into the cultural lounge of Italy.

Maddalena Rebellious and revolutionary worker of modern times, during ``Le quattro Giornate`` Maddalena Cerasuolo with her sister and the children organized the defense of the Materdei neighborhood and then of the Sanità district, considered ``the entrance to the heart of Naples``.

Luisa Noble a aristocratic, Luisa Sanfelice together with her lover, transforms into an activist of the ephemeral Neapolitan Republic and for this she gets arrested and imprisoned. Gioacchino Toma dedicated a beautiful painting to her stay in prison, Alessandro Dumas wrote a novel about her life, and the Taviani brothers directed a film based on the same novel.

Maruzzella She is the protagonist of one of the most beautiful Neapolitan love songs interpreted by Renato Carosone and hundreds of other great Neapolitan artists. Renato wrote the music for his wife Marisa affectionately called Maruzzella.

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